Data Marketplace


Data Marketplace

The BESTIN-OPM Data Marketplace, will be a virtual exchange where a variety of users will be able to access information provided originally by a selected 120,000 sampled respondents, later growing to 8 million projected users of the benchmarking interface in 187 countries.

Pre-pilot phase

The pre-pilot phase of the BESTIN-OPM Data Marketplace has shown the willingness of respondents to spend time and candidly answer the entire questionnaire because they recognized the value of their future access to the analytical results of the benchmarking interface.

Pilot phase

The BESTIN-OPM Data Marketplace will undergo a pilot phase to test of the data exchange platform, beyond what has already been proven to be feasible during the pre-pilot phase. The pilot phase targets 12,000 sampled respondents and cover some SSA, MENA and LAC countries, using tools in English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese.

The BESTIN-OPM Data Marketplace will then move forward to full deployment in staggered waves, covering the rest of the 187 countries and extending to 120,000 sampled respondents.

Good to


The BESTIN-OPM Data Marketplace generates, organizes and gains robustness from the analysis of


    growing from as little as 8 million data points (3,000 cases with 2,700 variables each) to over 21 billion data points (8 million cases with 2,700 variables each).

  • Connectivity

    As connectivity increases in the next few years, the BESTIN-OPM Data Marketplace will allow individual users from 187 countries a quick and almost instantaneous access to best practices extracted on a custom basis by the benchmarking interface.

  • Artificial intelligence

    will be mobilized to improve the overall precision of this benchmarking interface. Machine learning will allow to identify patterns of data reflecting best practices of the most performing businesses by sub-category, benefiting generation upon generation of respondents and of users of the benchmarking interface.

  • Sustainable Development Goals

    The BESTIN-OPM Data marketplace will generate reliable, consistent and internationally comparable indicators, monitoring the progress of some key Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and cross-cutting issues.

  • EECi deployed the pre-pilot of the BESTIN-OPM Data Marketplace

    to be followed by a pilot and additional staggered roll-out waves of implementation. EECi offers its clients a vast capacity in survey design, implementation and analysis on a variety of subjects notably in developing and emerging countries, including on business climate assessment and firm performance, on labor and skills development, on financial capacity of business owners and managers, on innovation and digitization challenges, on greening of businesses, on risk assessment, on management, and on gender issues in enterprises of all sizes across the globe.

  • a beta data set of 3,000 cases

    The 3,000 cases correspond to the following criteria:

    - a minimum of 3 cases in as many countries of as possible of the 187 countries targeted

    - a minimum of 120 cases in each of the 10 following blocs: LAC, SSA, MENA, EE-Eurasia, Asia- Oceania, Russia, China, USA (representing 2 blocs), and the Rest of OECD countries)

    - 1,400 small, 1,400 medium and 200 large firms

  • a beta data set of 3,000 cases

    The point of the beta data set is to:

    1. iron-out all survey protocols

    2. provide a good base for the development of the benchmarking interface

    3. prepare and refine the material of the awareness campaign (using benchmarking examples) to pave the way for the discussions with users’ groups in implementation countries, during the pilot and the subsequent deployment phases.


benefits for

120,000 sampled respondents of the BESTIN-OPM
enterprise survey

The end-result of the deployment of BESTIN-OPMES will prove useful to the 120,000 sampled respondents that will be able to use, at no cost, the benchmarking interface to improve their overall performance by extracting best practices from the highest performers among comparable firms.


Benefits for

8 million projected users of the BESTIN-OPM benchmarking interface

The wealth of possible queries for benchmarking purposes to individual firms will prove powerful to entrepreneurs and C-level managers who will seek to fill the BESTIN-OPMES in order to extract the adapted best practices to their individual cases. At the end of the roll-out, the BESTIN-OPM Data Marketplace is expected to have 8 million non-sampled firms as projected users of the benchmarking interface. The subscription to the BESTIN-OPM benchmarking interface will prove materially less expensive and more useful than the standard method to identify adapted best practices.


Benefits for

service suppliers of the BESTIN-OPM data platform

BESTIN-OPMES will also be useful to service suppliers who will be able to capture information on the dynamics of their final markets as well as their supply sectors. They will also be provided with the opportunity to obtain quick turn-around short surveys, and more generally will be provided access to a dynamic platform reaching out seamlessly to a very large, generally untapped, pool of enterprises across all continents. Access to the community of data providers would allow to mix and match the BESTIN-OPMES data set with proprietary data of service suppliers.


benefits for


Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), as well as all policy makers and analysts will find that BESTIN-OPMES delivers for each of the 187 countries, an integrated data set covering most if not all topics of interest. DFIs regularly tackle the challenges of filling data gaps, and often succeed in obtaining internationally comparable data sets for a variety of topics (Digital Transformation, Payment Methods, Financing of SMEs, Investment Climate, Innovation, Gender, Skills, etc.). They also sometimes undertake multi-topic surveys, although in these cases, they barely scratch the surface of most of these topics and concentrate on one or two of them. DFIs, shy away from delving deep into multi-topic surveys for fear of high non-response and hence resort to alternative methods of collating data sets and aligning results from different samples reflecting more or less the same statistical universes. By contrast, BESTIN-OPMES will provide integrated data sets, directly connecting respondent information across all topics usually addressed in at least nine (9) distinct surveys. BESTIN-OPMES can replace the traditional enterprise surveys usually financed and undertaken under the auspices of DFIs, at less than half their cost per country. DFIs could also benefit, at a fairly low marginal cost, from the flexibility of adding a number of questions, of adjusting the statistical universe and the corresponding sampling strategy, of requesting additional short quick panel surveys and/or evaluation surveys and of using nominal information to direct a selection of respondents to their projects. DFIs may be able to purchase only a portion of the data and of the sample for a fraction of the cost per country: by acquiring sub-sets of the main data set per country, DFIs could save on cost but maintain the possibility of acquiring additional portions of the of the BESTIN-OPM data set at a later stage in order to produce a fully integrated data set across all topics.


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Timeline for completion

The following timeline depicts the milestones of each phase of the deployment of the BESTIN-OPM
Data Marketplace










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